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"Whether you're a beginner learning to tune a drum or an experienced musician aiming for a specific sound or style of music, my videos offer professional insights that can help you achieve your goals!" Pro Drum Tech Kenny Sharretts

Embark on the journey to perfect drum tuning!

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Danny Leake - Stevie Wonder FOH
Urban Guerrilla Engineers

"Kenny Sharretts is one of the best drum techs I have ever worked with and that is over my 40+ year career. I would go on stage and the drums would sound perfect; tuning, presence, impact...I physically relax when Kenny is on the job. I know that a major part of my job is done.”

Drew Shoals, ( Drummer) Train

"Kenny Sharretts is hands down one of the best drum techs in the business. As the drummer for Train, I need versatile drum tunings to effectively play a wide range of rock and pop tunes. Kenny's tunings are consistent, precise, musical, and powerful."

John Roberts - Berklee Professor, Drummer (Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, George Duke)

Kenny by far has been one of my favorite drum techs of my career! He's so precise with drum tuning, ergonomics, drum setup building, and even part time yoga instructor! Haha! (inside joke between us) :-) This is the guy you want to pay attention to and learn from, because he knows exactly what he's talking about, as you can see here. I never let anyone tune my drums until I met Kenny. Thank you brother! Lil' John

Kenny Sharretts Pro Drum Technician


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